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Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind

A safe place to heal & grow

Mindmaris strongly values psychological wellness, emotional enhancement, and personal development.

Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind

Experience Kerala's first Biophilic Clinic at Mindmaris

Every Emotion has a STORY to Tell.! Feeling down, anxious and lost?

We make you connect with nature to reduce stress and anxiety.

People have an innate desire to be close to nature. Direct or indirect integration of natural components into our constructed environment is crucial. Including nature in our lifestyle is advantageous since it lowers the risk of developing physical and mental illnesses, including heart disease sadness, anxiety, etc. It aids in regaining focus, boosting productivity, enhancing vitality, lowering stress levels and heart rates, as well as boosting mood, concentration, and creativity. It also positively affects life satisfaction, purpose in life, and happiness.

We have a team of highly skilled psychologists specialised in family counselling, child counselling, and teen counselling. Our team's dedication has made us the most popular and highly regarded team in Kerala. Here, we thoroughly study your problems and suggest the most suitable psychologist for your condition. Trust us, we can bring positive changes in your life. All you need to do is cooperate with us.

Online Counselling at Mind Maris.

Online counselling giving you an alternative to traditional face to face talking therapy. Being able to sit in your own room, in your comfortable clothes, perhaps with your pet by your side can create a relaxing setting, which itself make you feel open up. Your session will be conducted in complete privacy. All our therapists are highly qualified and ample years of experience which means that we make sure you are receiving the best care from the right people.


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Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind
One to One Hands – on Care with Mindmaris

Mindmaris offers people a wide variety of psychiatric medicine treatment options. We understand what you require to live your finest life. Don't allow your problems to hold you back. We are here to find solutions and remedies for your ailments. We will collaborate with you to collect all the information needed to guide you in the right direction.

Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind


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