Benefits of Premarital Counselling
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Benefits of Premarital Counselling

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in our life but is your preparation enough to take such a big decision? Premarital counselling which helps couple prepare for marriages physically, mentally, emotionally etc. Mindmaris Ernakulam offers a personalized sessions for the young couple yet to get married. We all plan for our wedding by investing in Gold, clothes, vehicles, destinations and so on. Have you ever thought of a discussion on how my partner would be with me for a long term by balancing the different perceptions?

We are there for you to provide a quality discussion with you and your partner before your big day. Our session focus on commitments, responsibilities and improving communication during difficult times. We give more priority in understanding a situation rather giving suggestions on how to handle it.  We believe in response and help you to learn not to react in a conflict situation. As we all know we all are different from each other. Our likes and dislikes are also different. Our expertise can help you and your partner to develop and strengthen your communication skill, which will help to solve almost all the issues effectively.

We will be giving a helping hand in topics like different thoughts on partner’s career goals, expectations and hope among partners, parents and extended family concerns, physical and mental relationship conflicts etc. We will be having a detailed discussions in a very private way while opening up with both of yours’ emotions. 

Our qualified therapists will guide you to take decisions together. This will help you to find a creative way to manage inevitable difference of opinions. Our trained Counsellors will support you to lay firmer foundations to prepare for the unrevealed life ahead. Come! Let us make the future of married life easier and happier by understanding the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.