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Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind

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Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind

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Biophilic Boutique Clinic

An average adult works about 50 hours weekly in a cramped, artificial environment without any natural light or ventilation. Physical and mental illness result from this. Rapid urbanisation and a high rate of rural-to-urban migration all contribute to an increase in the need for space for everything from living to working to relaxing. Biophilic Therapy focuses on aspects of the natural world, human health, happiness and productivity in the constant endeavor to be fit and survive.

The Biophilic Therapy at Mindmaris aims to create a setting or ambiance where people may unwind, escape from their hectic schedules, communicate with one another, and connect with nature to lower stress levels and foster a healthy environment. Mindmaris is a compact, pleasant setting that incorporates a biophilic design. The ambiance in Mindmaris is created with an effort to motivate people to live more sustainably, and to be more attentive to the environment.

About Us

Mindmaris Psychological Clinic places a high focus on emotional and psychological growth. The clinic strives to restore people's well-being by offering therapies and counselling sessions. We ensure the well-being of people through therapies and counselling sessions. AtMindmaris,we ensure 3Cs.


We value your privacy and ensure the confidentiality of all individual information.


We listen to your concerns without any prejudice.


We ensure the best psychiatric assessment to ensure your well-being.

Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind


To enhance the quality of life of individuals by promoting people's health, happiness and well-being in a tranquile nvironment.

Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind


To help people reconnect with their own life by creating an innate connection with nature to engenderasense of belonging and reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Our Story

Mindmaris offers high-quality mental health therapies based on research. We believe that early detection and management are critical for favourable patient outcomes. We recognise each and every person is unique and has distinct needs; thus, we provide tailored treatment plans. To provide culturally appropriate care, we take a holistic, integrated approach. We think that whole health begins with mental health and will work with you to attain balance and stability.

We envision supporting our clients in becoming more self-aware and capable of achieving their life goals. We support your acceptance, knowledge, and growth in life. We get you in touch with skilled and certified experts who can help you develop the knowledge and strategies you need to live a better,more fruitful life. The long-term goal is to establish the best online therapy and counselling platform where everyone may access the care they need.

Why Mindmaris?

Professionals in psychological Therapy and Mental Wellness

We are a team of professionals with expertise in psychological therapies. We are fully committed to client wellness and are guided by our core values of excellence, integrity and compassion.


We have a customised approach to client needs by carefully combining therapy models and methods that have proven effective in the new age world.

Quality Assurance and our duty of care

We offer safe and effective treatment and prioritise our client's best interests to ensure their wellness.

Care and Effective Support System

Treatment,Services and Therapies bailed by clinical evidence and proven to work. We are here to support you live a happy life with your loved ones.

One to One Hands – on Care with Mindmaris

Mindmaris offers people a wide variety of psychiatric medicine treatment options. We understand what you require to live your finest life. Don't allow your problems to hold you back. We are here tofind solutions and remedies for your ailments. We will collaborate with you to collect all the information needed to guide you in the right direction.

Care @ Mindmaris

We connect you to therapists who combine experience with empathy, warmth and understanding.

Speak with advisors for talking therapy.

Avail the choice of virtual or in-person appointments.

Professionals carefully matched to suit your individual therapy needs.

Follow-up supports totrack the effectiveness of therapies.

Transparent, accessible and always on your term.

Our Promises

We help you choose the right therapy and professional consulting which is just right for you.

We promise strict privacy and confidentiality.

Economical and affordable services as our commitments to help you find a Better you.

Our Therapy

We offer therapy for everyone



Grief & Loss Existentil Crisis

Stress,Anxiety and panic attacks

Insomnia & Sleep-related concerns


Psychosomatic Concerns

Over thinking & Racing thoughts

34 +

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Mindmaris - Explains The Magic Of Mind


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