Depression and Anxiety
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Depression and Anxiety

Everyone has a period of being down and feel low, however when those feelings persist you may be depressed.

What do you mean by Depression?

Now a days it is very commonly used word amongst us. But have you ever thought of understanding what is that word exactly meant for you? Depression is far more common than most people think. Recognizing the signs of depression and talking to the therapist is the first step to work through and getting past the fog and despair. 

Depression is a low mood which lasts for a long time and may affects y our everyday routine. People who experience depression can also experience low self-worth, disturbed sleep, poor concentration, loss of interest, a sense of hopelessness and isolation. In a mildest form depression can mean just be in low spirit which makes us confused whether we are going through a depression or a normal sadness of anything which we had gone through in the past days. But it’s very important for us to identify it as in its severe condition depression can be life-threatening as well.

How do you identify you are depressed?

Most of us wanted to understand the difference between sadness and depression. It can be identified through a quick depression test. Many of us keep a distance from social events and find them isolated most of the time. It makes them talk less with people and try to disconnect from their own regular contacts immediately. There are many reasons for people to undergo depression and some of the symptoms are as follows

Fatigue and low energy

Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep

Over eating or lack of appetites

Social withdrawal

Irritability or Anger




How Can Counselling help?

Depression is not a sign of weakness, it is an illness that require professional treatment. Before come to a conclusion of taking a counselling one should understand that what works for one individual does not work for another. So it is very important for everyone to see their therapist and explain how they are going through independently. Our experienced depression counsellors can understand the root of your depression and the triggers which set it off or keep it going is the first foundation for a positive change in our depression counselling center.

At Mind Maris, we have experts specialized in treating depression and actively listen to you, they can provide you a comfortable and non-judgmental space for you to manage your depression. A professional therapy can heal you from anxiety and stress hence you can improve your quality of life.