Child Counselling
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Child Counselling

Do you think your child need a professional support? 

We believe that every child is unique. We also approach them through a unique way of guidance. We are a team of professional certified child counselling experts located in Ernakulam. We learn the root causes of behavioral issues and discuss on how to address them by understanding their emotional wavelength. Our therapy includes personalized and tailor made treatments for every child. We encourages your child to speak out their issues while showing a confidential environment which make them very confident in open up with our trusted therapists. Once the key concerns are found, our specialized child counsellors will suggest you the specific treatment.

We work in a child centered way by helping them to express their feelings and thoughts in a way that is very natural for them. We help your child to bring changes, enhance resilience and well-being. We are specialized in one to one counselling, talking therapy, storytelling etc. It can be adopted according to the age of a child. Some children won’t be able to express their feelings, we give them confidence in expressing their thoughts by storytelling and different type games. We are with your child for the entire sessions by helping them find out a new way and insights to understand the concerns constructively, which make them feel good and they express their happiness through finding a different or unique way of solution.

Child counselling plays a vital role in every child’s early issues through preventing its consecutive extreme problems could be created later. Our sessions will help the parents also to cop up with the difficulties while supporting their child to overcome their challenges and help them in future actions and behaviors. If you can spare some of your time, our trained therapists at Mind Maris can help you giving wings to your children's dreams. Every child is capable enough to build our new world. Let us work together for a new tomorrow.