Mood Rollercoaster? Why Periods Can Affect Your Emotions?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed emotions before your menstrual cycle comes? Yes, it is... We feel like we are in a emotional rollercoaster., sudden shift in our mood, sometimes we feel irritated, sometimes anxious, sometimes sadness, etc.. Have you think about why this is happening to women? Is it something creating by yourself..? Of course.. No,

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Teen Titans - A Parents Crash Course in Understanding the Mystery Language

Parenting teenagers is a challenging but rewarding experience. By employing these strategies and maintaining a healthy dose of humour and patience, you can navigate this crucial stage and emerge with a stronger relationship with your ever-evolving child. Remember, you're not just raising a teenager; you're helping shape a future adult. Now, go forth, brave parent, and conquer that teenage battlefield!

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The pure way of COUPLE THERAPY

One of the primary objectives of couples therapy is to address recurring conflicts. Through guided discussions and evidence-based interventions, couples can identify underlying issues, explore differing perspectives, and develop constructive ways to manage and resolve conflicts. Moreover, couples therapy equips partners with effective communication skills, enabling them to express their needs, concerns, and emotions in a healthy and productive manner.

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Supporting a Partner with OCD

Living with Love and OCD: Supporting your partner with OCD can feel like navigating a winding path, but remember, you're not alone. Remember, patience and compassion are your guiding lights. With love and the right tools, you can create a haven of support and growth for both of you. Here are some key steps to walk hand-in-hand.


Pregnancy Counselling An Overview

Pregnancy counselling has gained popularity in recent years as more people have come to know its benefits. Moreover, this generation has seen the consequences of being unable to identify the stress and anxiety women experience during and after pregnancy.

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Understanding Mind and Wellness

Our mind can either be our greatest weapon, or it can be our most ruthless enemy. As the famous author, Napoleon Hill quotes, “You either control your mind, or your mind controls you”. Humans are still trying to discover the mystery behind the extent of the power of our minds.

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Mental Health and Muscle Memory

You may be familiar with the fact that doing exercise can relieve stress and has many other health benefits, but did you know that your brain reprograms every time you do a single exercise research depicts that activities can boost overall brain function and memory power.