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  • 01 May 2023

Strengthen Your Bonds Through Relationship And Couple Counselling

Couple counselling is the type of therapy which aims to resolve issues existing in a romantic relationship. In relationship counselling, a pair of people who experience difficulties in their relationship will undergo psychological therapy. Seeking counselling will provide many benefits to the pair of people involved and can ultimately lead to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling relationship. In this article, let's discuss couple and relationship counselling as two different therapy methods.

Couple Counselling & Relationship Counselling

Even though couple counselling and relationship counselling are carried out and aim for different goals, couple counselling can be considered a variety of relationship counselling. Counselling for relationships provides a safe and supportive environment; for people in a romantic relationship or for a pair of people like parent-kid or siblings. It will be conducted by a trained therapist who will help the people involved to identify and implement skills and techniques to strengthen their bond. Improved communication skills, better conflict resolution methods, and more understanding of each other are some of the benefits of counselling for people in relationships.

Challenges Addressed In Couple & Relationship Counselling

Problems in relationships arise mostly due to trust issues, misunderstandings and lack of proper communication. A well-experienced therapist can guide individuals and couples through existing issues in their relationship. In relationship counselling, the commonly addressed issues include communication problems, trust issues, parenting conflicts, financial disputes, conflict resolution, and problems related to significant life transitions like marriage, divorce, or the loss of a loved one. For instance, a separation can induce issues between kids and parents. In addition to these, in couple counselling, issues like sexual difficulties and infidelity will also be attended to.

Build Together A Better Future - The Benefits Of Couple & Relationship Counselling

Difficulties in any relationship can make life hard, especially when the people involved live together. Couples and relationship counselling can be exceptionally helpful for them. As discussed above, relationship counselling and couple counselling can help address a variety of issues and concerns that relationships may face. People can also understand themselves and their partners deeper with the help of proper counselling. Some of the benefits of counselling for couples and other relations that ultimately lead to healthier and happier relationships are discussed below.

A Safe Space

People usually hesitate to share their feelings and concerns because they fear being judged or criticised. Counselling can provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to discuss everything in mind. Moreover, the counsellor can act as an apt mediator and guide, being an expert in the field.

Identify Underlying Issues

Relationship problems may be the result of underlying issues, usually gone unidentified by the people involved. These could include emotional issues from the past that were not resolved, unmet needs, dissimilarities in values or expectations etc. By discussing issues like these, it becomes easy to find solutions that is suitable for everyone involved.

Strengthen Emotional Bond

Improved communication skills attained from counselling can help people express their emotions more effectively. Thus, people in all relations can strengthen their emotional bond, and couples can improve their sense of intimacy too.

Prevents Relationship Problems In The Future

Not only ongoing conflicts but also any likelihood of disputes that may arise in the future can also be significantly reduced through proper counselling. With the help of newly developed healthy communication habits and conflict resolution skills, a strong foundation can be built for their relationship. This reduces the chances of conflicts in the future.

When to Seek Counselling

Frequent arguments, absence of good communication, difficulty in resolving arguments, etc., indicate the need for counselling in a relationship. In addition to these, infidelity and sexual intimacy issues in couples are also signs to look for. If any of the partners is experiencing mental issues like depression or anxiety, it may bring unwanted tension into the relationship. Discussing the need for counselling and encouraging someone, especially loved ones, can be challenging. While approaching someone regarding therapy, it is important that you ensure them absolute support during the process. Similarly, being respectful, honest, patient and a good listener are also important. Once there is scope for an open discussion, talking more details about counselling sessions like their benefits, duration, what to expect, how it will positively affect their relationship etc, will encourage them to attend counselling.

Choosing The Right Counsellor

Selecting the right counsellor for issues in couples and people with other relations is of utmost importance. The quality of the therapeutic experience may vary significantly depending on the provider. Never underestimate the value of a counsellor's experience and specialisation. Taking suggestions from friends and family and checking for general reviews are great ways to make a selection. In addition, booking an initial session will help to understand the counsellor's approach and if it suits your unique needs.

The Last Word

Differences and challenges are expected in all relationships. But when the relationship shows signs of discrepancies and other issues, as discussed in the blog, it is better to seek help from a qualified counsellor specialised in relationship counselling. Taking the first step towards seeking counselling will be a brave decision, and it will surely help you strengthen your relationship and build happier, healthier and more fulfilling connections with your loved ones.