• Wellness
  • 27 December 2023

New Healing Techniques in Psychology

While on my journey to meet Mr.Claes, initially expecting a typical experience, reflections on my career and the trust my clients placed in me filled my thoughts during the flight. The urge to explore new healing techniques intensified within me. Recognizing the vastness of the world, I resolved to expand beyond all usual healing modalities in India. 

Experimenting with various approaches revealed some as ineffective while others proved invaluable, significantly impacting my career as a psychologist.

In a serendipitous encounter, Mr. Claes shared insights into a rare and expensive modality, a pure blend of clinical hypnotherapy and family constellation, learned directly from Mr.Berd Helinger. The opportunity to study and practice this unique approach felt like a true blessing. 

Rather than merely accumulating knowledge, my focus remains on applying what I've learned. Even if this modality helps just one person out of a hundred, I find immense satisfaction, grateful for the teachings and the support of those who have been part of my journey in the psychological healing realm. 

Thanks to all who have stood by me in my quest to learn and apply ways to help people around me. 

- Shamshi Mubarak